Doe Demure burlesque performer

"Dancing and Doe’s confidence in her (students) has done for me what therapy never could – I have learned to celebrate my individuality," Diana


 “Doe is a very confident and talented teacher and dancer. She has a unique way of instilling confidence and empowerment in the classes she teaches. Our burlesque class went from being a bunch of left footed novices to producing shows in the space of 4 months! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any Doe’s classes be they for fun, fitness or a real interest in performing.” Liz

 What is Burlesque?

Burlesque is about glamour, burlesque is about comedy, but most of all, burlesque is about tease.

Burlesque comes in many styles- expect chair routines, vintage bumps and grinds, cheeky cheesecake routines, glove peeling, hip bumping, bum slapping, stocking losing and plenty of giggles on the way.

Doe runs six week beginner courses at Skytribe which include tuition on pin-up poses and walks, how to seductively peel off gloves and stockings, use of props and some fun routines as well. After completion of the beginner course there will be the opportunity to join an ongoing class where there are regular performance opportunities at our Student showcases.